Hunkeler CS4 Cutter Sheeter Now In Stock At Continua

Second user Hunkeler CS4 Cutter Sheeter in stock

Continua are happy to announce a used Hunkeler CS4 Cutter in great condition. Available at £12,000 on our website.

Purchased in 2005, the machine is ready for use now.

Hunkeler CS4 Image

Hunkeler-CS4 Cutter Sheeter

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Binding Wire Size Guide

Here in the Continua Supplies Team, we often get asked about the different sizes of binding wires. Typically, manufacturers either use a size in inches, that later became millimetres and also a Size number ie: Size 4. Sometimes the measurements of sizes can vary ever so slightly from one brand to the next, but here is your handy size guide below.


Binding Wire Size Guide Chart

Size mm Inches
4 6.9mm 1/4″
5 8mm 5/16″
6 9.5mm 3/8″
7 11mm 7/16″
8 12.7mm 1/2″
9 14.3mm 9/16″
10 16mm 5/8″
12 19mm 3/4″
14 22mm 7/8″
16 25.4mm 1″
20 32mm 1 1/4″
24 38mm 1 1/2″

What about the pitch of the binding wires?

Put simply: this is the gap between each ‘loop’ of every binding wire. It determines how many pages can be bound in the book. The bigger the size of wire, the larger the book is able to be!

Sizes 4 to 9 have a pitch of 3:1. With the bigger sizes, 10 to 24 having a pitch of 2:1. This is in both A4 and A5.


As always, feel free to contact us to talk further about your binding requirements. Would love to hear your feedback in the comments below too.



Changes to Xerox Colotech Silk & Gloss Coated Paper

Xerox Colotech Silk & Gloss Coated Paper Part Number Changes

First off, don’t panic! It’s still the same Silk and Gloss coated Colotech that you know and love. There have just been some changes to the part numbers and pack sizes. The great web team at Continua Supplies have made the necessary changes on the site, so if you are searching for the existing coated Colotech, you will be brought to the latest version, with the box quantity in the product title.


14 affected Colotech Coated Papers

Xerox Colotech + Gloss Coated Paper


There are 7 Gloss coated papers and 7 Silk coated papers, ranging from 120gsm to 350gsm, in sizes A4, A3, SRA3 and two iGen3/4 sized stock. In total, there are 40 different paper stocks that have been affected. Please find the comparison chart here: Colotech Silk and Gloss Coated Old and New Part Numbers and Pack Sizes. Please also note that un-coated Xerox Colotech+ has not been affected.


Choose Continua for Coated Colotech

Please understand that we have done everything in our power to make this a smooth a transition for you as possible. If you would like to have a chat with an account manager about this, please just get in touch through 01582 578999 – we’ll be happy to help further. Here is our full 40 range of Xerox Gloss or Silk Coated Colotech Paper.

Choosing an ID Card Printer – Evolis or Magicard

Both Evolis and Magicard are well known manufacturers of ID card printers, but let’s take a more in depth at two of their models to compare what you get from a Evolis Pebble compared to a Magicard Pronto.

*Only with Professional Software

On First glance you may think the features of the Evolis Pebble 4 Colour ID Printer far outweigh the features of the Magicard Pronto but although these two card printers are close in the features they offer their speed and their connections. It is important to consider the difference in cost between the two printers.

The two printers both offer single side printing can be used to encode magnetic strips and smart cards with the right encoders. Print using Colour dye sublimation and monochrome thermal transfer. Produce Cards at a fairly high speed for a printer, allow for cards to be designed using free software.
The two card printers do have some differences. The Magicard Pronto is not quite as fast as the Evolis Pebble and doesn’t have the memory and feeder and hopper devices. It does offer Holokote Security Watermarking and allow for rewritable cards to be used.

If it comes down to cost then you do need to consider that the Magicard Pronto card printers are £995 each, but you will need to buy the professional software if you want to make cards with magnetic strips and smart cards you will need the extra software for £299, making a total of £1294

The Evolis Pebble is £1658.33 which is more expensive but all the software is included, the badges print in high definition at 300dpi, it’s faster and does have more add-ons to the actual machine.

It is always worth considering what you want out of an ID Card printer and making your selection based on what suits your organisation.

Uses of ID Card Printers

Getting an ID card printer could be one of the best decisions you make today. ID card printers
If you work in a secure environment or simply want an easy way to comply with health and safety legislation then buying an ID card printer could be the easy way to comply with these regulations. With a high number of staff, keeping track of staff for fire regulations can be a challenge. If you buy an ID card printer that produces a metal strip that stores information like the top of the range Evolis ID Card Printers. You can use the ID cards to track entry and exit from the office a way of adhering to fire safety regulations and keeping an eye on staff working hours.

If you have a badge that displays the information then staff can know each other’s names without having to ask, beneficial in a large organisation where everybody doesn’t necessary know each other.

In a large organisation you can restrict access using ID cards to only part of a building or only certain facilities, for example restrict access to photocopiers and printers.
As well as staff you can also produce ID cards for visitors, this once again complies with security and fire procedures and can be especially handy in meetings so you know all your visitors names with a clear easy to read printed badge rather than a someone’s handwritten badge.
There are a number of Evolis ID card printers in their range, offering a range of options from 3 colour options, the printer comes with free software to design your badge and they print at a high speed to produce a high quality encoded card within seconds. The Evolis 4 colour pebble ID card printer offers a similar product but with the option to print in 4 colours with an exchangeable machine cover making it an attractive office machine that will blend in with any enviroment. Both these machines have a detatchable 100 card feeder to save you having to put the cards into the machine manually.
If you want a simpler ID card printer then why not consider less colours and a card printer that allows you to print on a smaller scale like the Evolis Tattoo 2 colour printer, a perfect choice if you want to use barcodes on your id cards and have no need for magnetic strip encoding.
For an environment where you may be worried about people forging an id card, it may be worth considering Magicard Pronto Card Printers , this printer uses a sublimation process that allows a holographic film to be put on top of the card to discourage anyone from trying to create a forgery of the cards, the cards are also rewritable so can be used more than once

Whichever ID card printer is suitable for your company, make sure you come to Continua for all your Office Supplies.

Continua partners with iMM

Continua have recently announced a new partnership with DocumentX, the UK distributor for International Mailroom Machines (iMM), a new UK manufacturer of poly wrapping solutions.

As the UK’s number one provider of multi-vendor maintenance for print-to-post production equipment, Continua will incorporate the new range of iMM poly wrapping solutions to its maintenance services as well as enable both Continua and DocumentX to provide their combined customer base with flexible, user friendly and productive poly wrapping solutions.
Commenting on the print production market and Continua’s growth plans for the next 12-18 months, Mark Cannons, Managing Director at Continua said: “The recession has had an impact on all businesses and this has meant tighter budgets and a strong demand for efficient and flexible solutions.”
iMM offer a range of poly wrapping equipment, i6-series, which includes the Compact, Flexi and Maxi. The iMM i6-series has been designed by flexible, east to operate and productive. This combined with a small foot print and a relatively low price makes it an ideal choice for start-up mailers investing in their first poly wrapping solution.
With a top operating speed of 7,000 packs per hour, the iMM i6-series is the perfect polywrap solution for all mailers that wish to increase profits through easy and quick change over between different jobs. The flexible solution handles pack sizes up to A3 in size and 50mm in thickness.
Automatic settings for the wrapping unit are displayed on the large colour touch screen. Whilst print registration reading for printed film is a standard feature on all iMM poly wrappers, the i6-series also has a “learn” function where by the operator puts a set on the track and the solution measures the pack and saves the job.
The series uses servo motion technology and state of the art electronics and are all supplied with a built-in vacuum shuttle main feeders. All other feeders on the system are stand alone which can be connected to the poly wrapper when required. We offer a choice of two different vacuum rotary feeders and two different friction feeders. The solution can also be fitted with a variety of feeders including pick-and-place feeders, gimmick feeders, autoloaders etc. Making the iMM i6 series one of the most flexible poly wrapping solutions in the market.

Xerox Premium Carbonless Paper has been specifically developed for laser printers and copiers

Carbonless forms, NCR paper, Carbon copy paper, NCR forms, NCR sets, Carbonless paper… Whatever you call it, Continua have a solution!
Advantages for printer
  • Enables quick turnaround times.
  • Delivers superb runnability on short or long run printing.
  • Eliminates the need to outsource.
  • Non-contaminating chemistry improves productivity.
  • Features crisp, durable imaging.
  • Print on demand – eliminating obsolete forms and reducing storage costs.
  • Makes sequential numbering fast and easy.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!
Advantages for people who use forms
  • Features dark and crisp imaging.
  • Personalises forms with variable data.
  • Speeds data collection through bar coding.
  • Reduces inventory and storage costs by printing on demand.
  • Improves accuracy because key areas can be colour-highlighted.
  • Enhances brand value through use of colour.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!
Continua stock a wide range of Xerox Premium Carbonless Paper – all competitively prices per box.
Our friendly Office Supplies team are available to help on the phone: 01582 578999, via email:, or even in person at our offices in Luton, Bedfordshire.

Xerox Nuvera 120 EA Classic Mono Printer

Buying a printer can be a tough task, especially for people who do not know what brand to buy. There are many competing brands in the market right now and one of the main problems a consumer finds is to be able to figure out what brand will provide excellent value for money. Here at Continua we have plenty of printers to choose from and most of them can do all of the same things, however we have some printer that stand out from the rest. One of the best printers that people can buy right now is the Xerox Nuvera. This printer produces top of the line image quality and when the result is compared to other printers, you can really see the difference.

The Xerox mono printer does not only print but also does photocopying and scanning and many other functions. It is a great buy for people who are always using printers, scanners and photocopying machines to be able to get an all-in-one device that will really last. Big companies who do a lot of paperwork can benefit from this product because of what it can do. It can easily replace all the other printers and photocopying machines they have. This printer can also be used all day long to satisfy all the printing needs and there will be no problems because this product is already tried and tested.
The printer can print on 120 papers per minute which is one of the fastest speed that people can find. Most printers do not even come close to what this printer can do. People might be wondering why the printer is so big and one reason for that is there is a huge space for all the paper that is needed. Thousands of pieces of paper can be fed so that the need to refill the printer with paper will be less. The sizes of the image can also be adjusted easily so that there is no need to use a computer anymore for minor adjustments of images.
The Xerox Nuvera 120 EA Classic Mono Printer is the ultimate printer when image quality is your concern and having it do what all the other printers can do makes it the best choice among all printers that people can choose from. The images are very accurate and consistent which means that every print will be a satisfaction.

Where to find your Office supplies?

Everybody knows that feeling, both at work and home, you have a really important document, letter or booking confirmation for a flight that you need to print and the printer won’t print. You’ve been ignoring the toner low, replace cartridge message not wanting to bother with office supplies and the printer has finally stopped. Well don’t wait till you reach that point, when you see the message, order online at Continua and get ink for printers before they stop working.

If you are looking for ink cartridges for your printer then you need to look no further than Continua. With the Ink Toners Search, ink cartridges for printers are really easy to find.

Simply select your printer and printer types from the wide range of printer ink we supply choose from major manufacturers such as Brother, Canon, Lexmark and Xerox.

Then select your printer type from Laserjet, Inkjet or ink for fax machines, the select your model.

Then take a look at the range of printer ink we have available for you to buy.

Continua stock a wide range of ink for printers from Brother to Xerox and all the major brands of printers. Whether you are looking on a larger scale for toner for a larger printer or fax machine.

Solid Ink is a new innovation in printing that leaves no waste, the ink cartridge resembles a wax crayon, it is inserted into compatible printers and there is no cartridge to recycle

Continua are specialists on Xerox printer cartrides from Xerox copier toner to Xerox phaser supplies, if you need any form of Xerox ink cartridge, Continua are able to provide them.

Whatever cartridge, toner or ink you are looking for the toner search will guide you to the right product allowing you to order from home with the printer model visible and saves countless trips to high street stores to exchange the cartridge that you picked up because it looked like the wrong one. Avoid the confusion and the fuss and get ink for printers in a simple easy way.

Continua’s Sitma Polywrap Machine

For printing, over-wrapping and laminating needs the Continua Sitma Polywrap Machines are the most reliable and efficient equipment. There are different types of polywrap machines to choose from according to its speed and productivity. These machines may have the following features like an optional shrink wrapping processor for cards and calendars, unlimited feeder options for magazines, examination papers, newspapers and books, enable a quick setup from one job to another, horizontal manual insertion, efficient speed controls and less machine maintenance.
The Continua Sitma Polywrap machines are popular among the commercial printers, packaging and mailing houses in the UK. They are used to keep and protect items like magazines, books and other materials during shipment, provide authentication seal and instructions. The polywrap also provides graphics for advertising, address label, warnings and bar codes while the shrink wrap is used to laminate the cover of a magazine, a book or photos.
Here at Continua, refurbished Sitma Polywrap Machines are available and spare parts can also be ordered. Replacement of parts, part exchange deals, trade-in deals, and maintenance services are done to suit the customer’s needs and requirements. We sell used office equipment at a much more affordable price. All equipment and items purchased from Continua can be returned with no liability because we ensure all of our customers are in safe hands.